Competitive Programming

Here is  all the information about our new “extra programming being offered”. We have had requests for extra programming in all different areas of training. So, we have come up with a system that can help everyone in different ways.

If you are completing most of our PSC programmed workouts and looking for a little more, this is for you. Whether you are looking to compete in functional fitness, or just work on Olympic lifting, gain strength, have a direction in working on gymnastics movements or just overall be fitter, you would benefit from joining this program. Your skill level does not matter, everything in this program will be scalable and modifiable just like our classes. 

The foundation of this program is still the class workouts first, but you will now have the option to have additional work that aligns with what we are doing in class. 

The idea is to create a group of people who want to complete this extra work together during open gym times or come in and tackle it on your own (but it’s always more fun and more effective with someone else). It will be a hybrid between individualized programming and competitive group programming. 

The program will include 3 different paths. Engine (conditioning), Strength (all things lifting), and Gymnastics (midline and skill work)

You do not have to complete all of the extra work, yet you should pick and choose the extra work to do that would benefit you the most. Some of you may build the capacity, have the time and interest do all or most of the work each day, but that is certainly not encouraged to do from the start or necessary at all. 

The cost for “PSC Competitive Programming” will be $20/ week. With this you can expect:

1. Full week program visible on TruCoach (website and app) as well as each day sent via email. 

2. Our regular Class program with coaches notes of things to focus on, scaling options to make easier or harder, and strategies for workouts. You’ll start to learn how my brain works when creating workouts and the intent behind them. 

3. All 3 extra streams to choose from. If your someone who needs to get stronger, you can complete the extra strength work, and maybe if you have time and interest to complete the engine work that day, that would be up to you. I can also guide you in the direction of what I think you should be picking and choosing as priority from the extra work list. The idea is not to do all of it yet pick the things you need to work on and there will be progression through the extra work. 

4. The option to upload video and results of your work for me to review. Say you’re doing snatches and you want me to look at the technique, I will give a full video analysis to help coach remotely if I’m not at the gym. (I’m usually always at the gym anyway though). 

5. A group to train with. Again, the idea here is to create a group of people to help motivate, push and work with to take our fitness to the next level. 

6. We will also host almost every Saturday, a “Throwdown” day for this group to come together and tackle either an “open style workout” or a team workout together. This will take place after the Saturday morning regular classes. (Time TBD). 

7. From the base program being created for this group, we can slightly customize each person’s program if needed to either dial in extra midline work, stability work, changing exercises in workouts for an injury, tapering off toward competition etc…

8. This is also an opportunity to use equipment you see in the gym that we do not see in our class programs often. Such as GHD’s, Assault Runner, Concept 2 bikes, pegboards, rope climbs, handstand walking progressions etc…

9. I am already in your corner to help you with anything Fitness if your training at PSC, but through this program I am also available anytime for video review, questions about the program, helping you find competitions and coaching you through prep and game day etc…

10. Lastly, you’ll receive a cool new “PSC Competitive Programming” T-Shirt!  😊

The Extra programming will cost $20/ week if you are a PSC member and $35 a week for non-PSC members (work done remotely). This will just be added to your bill if you choose to participate in this and can be cancelled at any time before the next payment comes out. 

If you guys have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask us in person at the gym or send an e-mail with any questions regarding our new extra programming available. 

Thank you for your time,

Nick Anapolsky