Facility Description 

This is a 6,000 sqft facility with brand new infrastructure. We have built a large Mens and Women’s change room with a nice private shower as well as a private bathroom in each change room. We have also installed a separate accessible bathroom.  There is a Massage Therapy room installed where Kaitlyn Anapolsky has her massage therapy practice on site. The upstairs mezzanine is a work in progress allowing for more room when needed.

There is 4 custom weightlifting platforms along the back wall equipped with a full set of kilo plates, Rogue Oly bars (mens and womens), jerk blocks, squat stands and more.

Our Rogue Monster Lite 2.0 Rig has 10 squat racks and 10 bare steel “speal” bars.  There is also a smaller, double squat rack, wall mounted rig at the back of the facility for extra work outside of class.

Our monostructural equipment includes: 6 Concept2 rowers, 10 Rogue Echo Bikes, 1 Air Assault Bike, 6 Concept2 ski ergs, 2 Air Assault Runners, 2 Concept2 Bike Ergs.

We have suited our classes with nothing but the best Rogue 2.0 barbells and Rogue bella bars, all Rogue Wallballs from 6-30LBS, Kettle bells up to 150LBS, Dumbbells from 10- 120LBS, D-balls and Sandbags from 30-200LBS, Farmer carry bars, Monolift attachment, safety squat bar, Rogue Squat boxes, Rogue foam plyo boxes, 10 weighted vests, all types of ab-mats, and much more.

We take pride in keep our facility clean and organized daily!

The only way to get the full image, is to come experience it for yourself.